Emerging viruses are a constant threat to global health. Our group uses cutting-edge approaches that combine genomics, data science, and experimental virology to understand, prevent, and mitigate emerging virus diseases. We focus on three main areas

Viral discovery & characterization

We use advanced sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools to identify and characterize novel emerging viruses that may affect humans and animals. We also study the frequency, distribution, and evolutionary history of these viruses to support preparedness and response for viral outbreaks and epidemics

Viral transmission dynamics

We apply a range of analytical methods, including epidemiology, ecology, and genomics, to understand how factors such as climate change, human-wildlife interactions, and social inequalities the emergence and spread of emerging viruses. By identifying the key drivers of transmission, this helps us contribute to the development of targeted interventions to interrupt viral transmission

Virus-host interactions

We use cutting-edge experimental virology and advanced molecular analysis tools (genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics) to investigate complex virus-host interactions. By understanding these interactions, specifically, those contributing to severe outcomes like central nervous system infections or fatal cases, we contribute to the development of better diagnostic, countermeasures, and therapeutic approaches

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